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Who are community care micro-provider services for?

Services offered by community care micro-providers are a good option for people in Dorset who:

  • would like the choice of a carer local to you  

  • have a clear idea about the support they need

  • are able and happy to take responsibility for organising and managing their care themselves

See the Help and Kindness local directory of Dorset community care micro-providers.

Are community care micro-providers regulated?

Only some community care micro-providers need to be regulated by the Care Quality Commission. They do not need this regulation if they are individuals contracted by the person getting care, or somebody acting for them.

The Care Quality Commission has the information you need on whether a carer needs regulation in your situation.

In all cases, Dorset Council asks community care micro-providers to follow the 'Doing it right' quality standards designed by social enterprise Community Catalysts. The providers must be reliable and committed to safety, and offer care that meets people's needs.

Is a community care micro-provider for you?

To use a micro-provider who is not registered with the care regulator, you need to:

  • know what support or care you want

  • be willing and able to work directly with a provider and tell them what is needed

  • understand how to check the suitability of a provider and make good decisions about engaging their services

  • be willing and able to check a provider is suitable and decide whether to use their services

  • be willing and able to control, direct and coordinate care