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Register with your GP as a carer

We recommend you tell your GP you are a carer so they can offer you advice and support. They can also give you longer appointments where possible, a free flu jab, and an annual review.

Your GP practice is likely to have a carers lead. They are there to help you, with:

  • information on any medical conditions and treatments for the person you care for - to help you feel more confident caring
  • special NHS services such as patient transport to hospital appointments and continence services
  • advice on other services and welfare benefits
  • home visits to you or the person you care for, if it is difficult to attend the surgery
  • appointments for both you and the person you care around the same time, so you don't have to make so many trips
  • repeat prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy, to save you picking them up

Your GP will also be aware that you care for somebody should you ever need treatment yourself.

So talk to the receptionist, carers lead, or any member of staff at the GP's practice who can help you. Find your local GP