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Disability Related Expenditure (DRE)

DRE only applies if you will be receiving care in your home, or if you are having a respite or temporary residential stay.

Disability related expenditure (DRE) refers to any specific outgoings you have as a result of your disabilities, which enable you to maintain your independence or quality of life.

DRE may take into account some general household expenses that relate to your disabilities or illness. This may include elements of:

  • domestic care costs
  • clothing cost
  • food costs
  • assistive living items

These are only examples and you may have other disability related expenses. Each assessment will be based on you and your requirements to maintain an independent life. If you feel you do have DRE you will need to tell us about it and:

  • provide evidence of the need for this expenditure – by a discussion with your assessment officer, or from information provided by your GP, other health professionals, or social worker
  • tell us how much you are paying and provide evidence (receipts or bills)

A senior financial assessment officer will consider whether any further allowances can be made in the financial assessment and we may need to discuss your request with a member of the social work team. Where additional expenditure is being requested, any allowance made in the assessment will only be for any cost incurred over and above what would be considered ‘the norm’.

How is the contribution assessed?

If you will be receiving care in your own home or for a temporary period in a care home, we will not take into account a large sum of money each week, which is needed to cover your bills, food and normal living expenditure. This is called the Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) and for a single person over pension age, it is £189 per week. For a single person who is under pension age, it is £131.75 per week. There are a number of other MIG amounts which may be used, depending on your age and personal circumstances. These amounts are set annually by central Government.

Your MIG, home costs and DRE will be deducted from your income and if there is any money left, this is the amount you will be asked to pay towards your care.

If you are going to be living in a care home on a permanent basis then you will be left with a personal allowance which is set by the Government annually. As of April 2019, the weekly personal allowance was £24.90. The remainder of your income will be used to pay for your care.

We will not invoice you if your weekly charge is £2 or less.

If it is decided that you can afford to pay the full cost of the care services you receive, then we may ask you to make an arrangement with the care provider to buy the care direct from them. 

Dorset Council’s Charging and Financial Assessment policy