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Dorset First Point

The Home from Hospital service is free of charge to Dorset residents aged 16+ and we are funded by Dorset Council.

This is a short-term service that is aimed at people who live alone and do not have a support network locally that they can turn to at this point in time.

Following discharge from hospital and/or further care at home, a member of our team will visit at home and check that:

  • The person has the ‘basics’ in e.g. milk, bread, utilities topped up
  • The person comes home with their medication and is aware of any follow-up appointments
  • Their GP is aware they have returned home
  • The person is feeling confident and safe in their home and if not, support for any other referrals necessary are made e.g. Safe and Well (Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue)

We can also check that you have all of the appropriate financial support in place that you are eligible for.

The service will be available Monday — Friday, 8.30 am—5.00 pm.  Contact by telephone 0330 123 2550. 

Who Dorset First Point are:

Dorset First Point is part of The you Trust charity. Since 1985 YOU provides people with the help they need to realise their dreams of independence, security, stability, happiness, and freedom.