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To read information about the support you may be able to receive Adult Social Care read the relevant information sheet about the topic you are interested in.  Topics include: 

Early help 

How to prepare for your transitions assessment meeting

Hospital information - advice for people going into or leaving hospital

Home from hospital and follow-on support at home

Assessment process

Direct payments

Paying for care and support

Self-funding your care

Deferred payment agreements

Top-ups and third-party contributions

Deprivation of assets

Money and people who lack capacity

Social Care support in prisons

Developing your support plan using your personal budget

Financial information for self-funders choosing residential care

Paying for adult social care in the community

If you cannot find the information you are looking for consider using the Do it online section below or contact us for further advice.

Residential Care

If you are considering Residential Home accommodation, read our find alternatives to residential care guide to help you make a decision.

During office hours

Our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Do it online

There are lots of things that you can apply for online:

Already receiving support from us?

You should have been given direct contact details for your social care team.

If you've lost or forgotten this number, call us on 01305 221016 to explain your situation.