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Role of the board

The role of the Dorset Learning Disability Partnership Board is to improve the lives of people with a learning disability who live in the Dorset Council area, by:

  • promoting their independence, choice, rights and inclusion
  • making sure they are treated as equal citizens, with access to mainstream services such as health, housing, employment and education
  • making sure outside bodies consult with the partnership board as their main source of information when planning and making decisions that affect the lives of people with a learning disability

The board meets every three months and is chaired by the Corporate Director for Adult Care, and co-chaired by an adult with a learning disability.

Review of the Learning Disability Partnership Board

The council would like a strong and influential partnership board. A review is currently underway to consider how the board can be organised and managed to be more effective.

Minutes from previous meetings (in Easy Read)

Minutes - 20 June 2019
Minutes - 18 April 2019
Minutes - 22 November 2018
Minutes - 9 August 2018
Minutes - 24 May 2018


Learning Disability Partnership Board