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Shared Lives schemes

Shared Lives

Dorset Shared Lives is an alternative to supported living, domiciliary care and residential care homes for adults with care and support needs. It was previously known as ‘adult placement’.

A Shared Lives carer and someone who needs support get to know each other and, if they both feel that they will be able to form a long-term bond, they share family and community life. This can mean that the person becomes a regular daytime or overnight visitor to the Shared Lives carer's household, or it means that the person moves in with the Shared Lives carer.

Shared Lives carers receive payment for the care and support that they provide, and where they provide long-term accommodation they will also be landlord and be paid rent.

Shared Lives schemes

Shared Lives schemes have to be registered with the Care Quality Commission if they provide the regulated activity of personal care, as is the case in Dorset. Dorset Council employ Shared Lives workers whose role includes recruitment, vetting, training and support of Shared Lives carers. It is the scheme’s provision of personal care that is regulated, not the individual accommodation which is owned or rented by Shared Lives carers.

Shared Lives Schemes nationally provide good value for money and are consistently judged to be high-performing services by the Care Quality Commission. If you want to know more and the Shared Lives Plus website provide an insight into how great Shared Lives is.

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Contact the team

For more information about the scheme, or to become a Shared Lives carer contact the team.

Shared Lives Team

Tel: 01305 221393
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